Review of “Goodness and Mercy” by Fred Amina

Review of “Goodness and Mercy” by Fred Amina

Review of “Goodness and Mercy” by Fred Amina

~Favorite Parts:  I enjoyed seeing so many scriptural references and researched and read the King James Version for many of them.  1 John 4:4 was especially meaningful for me to remember that “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  I need to hold on to this promise and keep going now as I struggle with unemployment, anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disease), worsening osteoarthritis, stress about a deployed son, etc., etc.  When I read about how you realized the connection between how Father & Jesus loved and blessed you amidst your mistakes and that you needed to show those same compassionate, unconditional traits towards your father, I was so touched.  That is the beauty of the GOOD NEWS (Gospel)!

I loved your use of certain words  like ‘hubris’, ‘pantheism’ and ‘prognosticate’ which I’ve added to my own vocabulary.  It’s great to be able to express yourself more eloquently!

~Learned Something New?  In 1 Corinthians 6: 9,10 it mentions that “revilers” have no place in the Kingdom of God.  I used to be the WORST reviler towards my ex-husband while we were married, and for years afterwards (in front of our two young sons, then about 3 and 7 years old).  I had so much anger, rage, contention and hate.  I was so verbally abusive after his betrayal and rationalities that I made family life a living HELL for YEARS.  It’s so true that without Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we are much weaker and vulnerable to temptations.   I’m glad I’ve matured enough for the most part, to wisely choose to be more patient, keep silent or speak kindly so that I’m not in the power of the world, or Satan.  It’s an endless battle, isn’t it?  Life with Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is not easy as you mentioned, but it’s peaceful, progressive and sprinkled with miracles & joy!

~Similar beliefs I connected with:  I have had life-changing experiences with frequent fasting during one of the worst times of my life when I lost both part-time jobs shortly after graduating from college, far from family, friends & familiar surroundings.  It is true that when we are obedient the Lord surely can make us more than we can ever make of ourselves.  When I “Let go and let God” (acknowledged I had done all I could, placed my life/worries completely in Father & Jesus’ hands, and continued everyday doggedly doing the best I could:  eating salads, walking, being cheerful, volunteering in and attending Church… eventually things steadily improved and I was so thrilled!!  😀

~How did this book bless me?  I was reminded of the importance of relying on the scriptures (the Word of God) for answers, guidance, comfort, and even chastisement so I can continue to improve my attitude about someone, myself or an issue, and make small changes in my habits and behavior.

It’s all about little daily progress, isn’t it?!?

Although our philosophies/beliefs are not 100% the same, “Goodness and Mercy” definitely gives me hope and makes me want to do and be better.  “Goodness and Mercy” also  refreshed an impression I have had to write my own personal history for my posterity (two adult sons), or maybe even start a blog tosupport others in similar circumstances.

Thank you for sharing your amazing life story, Fred!  Reading about how you overcame illiteracy and addiction gives me hope and buoys up my vision of the future.  You are awesome and Tylee and Jacob are very blessed to have you as their father!  God Bless You All Always!  😀

August 2, 2019
Mae H. Llacuna